President’s Message March

2012 Region F Conference

Beth Lavoie – President

Unlocking Global Opportunity – Connections and Innovation for the Future.

This 2012 Region F Conference motto is captivating to me!

I know, I know… I should not be surprised that I can no longer be worried only about what is happening in my own humble bubble.  The nightly news is filled with stories about Greece’s debt and its potential to take down the European (and possibly global) financial structure, Iran’s desire to grow their nuclear program, and the treatment of Chinese workers that produce all the electronic gizmos that we have come to rely on.  All these news stories have the potential to affect my bubble… and yours!

Even the seemingly less-impending-doom-like encounters in our daily lives such as browsing the internet and logging on to social networks (like Facebook and Twitter) have global implications!  I can easily contact my friend in Japan or instantly see images from the farthest corner of the earth that has experienced a natural disaster.  Global opportunities and connections are already a part of people’s lives today, even if we don’t always recognize it!

Being an engineer, I am always interested in innovative ways to tackle a new challenge… now my challenges and potential solutions can have a global influence!

The 2012 Region F Conference is being held on March 3 and 4 at MIT.  Conference highlights include:

  • Saturday Morning Keynote Breakfast
  • Saturday Afternoon Career
  • Saturday’s Variety of Informational Sessions and Tours of MIT Campus and Laboratories
  • Saturday Evening Cocktail Hour and Networking Dinner at MIT Museum
  • Sunday Morning Region F Business Meeting
  • Sunday Afternoon Outreach Event with Girl Scouts of Greater Boston

If you haven’t already registered for this year’s event, mark down a reminder for the 2013 Region F Conference in your handy-dandy electronic gizmo (or in your less dazzling paper calendar).

Until we talk again, enjoy life!



Congratulations to SWE-NESS Section Representative, Kimberly McLean!  She has been recognized by the Connecticut Technology Council with the 2012 Women of Innovation Award!

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