Wit-NESS March

Maybe some of you have seen an animated movie like the one below and wondered where they come from.   The first one I saw was shared on Facebook by my niece, and was a sarcastic story about sign-language interpreting.  It was hilarious.

I was curious about how these videos were created and since I obviously have too much time on my hands, I decided to register for a free account with Xtranormal.com to give it a try.

You can get started right away using the 300 “credits” they provide at no charge.  Characters, backgrounds and title pages all cost some number of credits, but once selected, you may use them over and over.  Additional credits may be purchased using credit card or Paypal.  The movie below used up 111 of my original 300 credits, and wasted about 3 hours of time I could have spent editing other parts of this newsletter.  But hey… the whole reason I volunteered to manage the NESS website and newsletter was so that I could learn how to do new, fun things.  If it isn’t fun, why bother?

I hope you enjoy my first Xtranormal experiment!

Update January 2014:  I just returned to this post to take a second look at my Xtranormal video, and learned that the website and video creation service has been discontinued.  Unfortunately, I did not keep a copy of my video before it was taken down.  Oh well… life goes on. Here is the Wikipedia discussion of Xtranormal.


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Wit-NESS March — 7 Comments

  1. Oh I forgot to mention the removal of the banner makes the site so much better. As my animated character said… AWESOME! yes I am still LOL!

  2. OK I just stopped laughing!!!!
    This is Perfect! You captured the discussion perfectly!!! I love it!

    Too funny!

  3. I can only say I LOVE it! Such a fun technology… and So funny… fits right into WIT-NESS