Professional Development May

Defining Professional Development

Elizabeth Peterson – Professional Development Chair

Professional Development (PD) encompasses both personal development and career advancement. PD refers to the knowledge and skill set needed for an individual to positively evolve via facilitated learning opportunities such as college degrees, certifications, seminars, conferences, or informal learning opportunities. PD can be accomplished through class work, coaching, mentoring, or collaborative groups.  Individuals may engage in PD to enhance their ability to do their work, bolster career progression, improve professional competence, keep abreast of new practices and technologies, comply with regulatory compliance, or pursue commitment to personal values.  What drives PD is the individual’s interest in lifelong learning and increasing their own knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA).  The 21st century has seen a significant growth in online PD.

Have you reviewed your short term and long term professional development plans recently?

Are you on track?

If so, then great!  What’s next after this accomplishment?

If not, remember that plans can change and we need to adapt.  Best of luck, readers, in completing your professional development pursuits!

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